What Type of Paint Do I Use for Wallpaper?

In homes across America, there are currently lot’s of folks saying one simple phrase…

I hate my Wallpaper!!

However, the prospect of “Stripping the Wallpaper,” then repairing the sheet rock, and then painting seems like a daunting task.  So the question we all ask is simple…

“Can I just Paint Over my Wallpaper?”

Good News, Yes, You Can Paint Over Your Wallpaper, if….. certain conditions are right.

Before you paint, check the walls.  Is the Wallpaper Firmly attached to the wall?  Or, is it starting to peel and bubble?  If its not firmly attached, your wallpaper may not be a good candidate to “paint over.”

But, if it is firmly attached to the wall, you should be fine painting over it.

Do I use Oil Based or Latex to Paint Over Wallpaper?

In a perfect world, you would want to use Oil Based Primer first on the wallpaper.

Why?  Water based paints and primers could react with the glue of the wallpaper.  This could cause it to bubble or loosen its adhesiveness.  Using an Oil based primer is the safer bet!  Once you have primed it with an oil primer, such as an Oil Based Kilz or Sherwin Williams Oil Based ProBlock Primer, you can then paint over the primer with a Water Based Paint.

But, you have been warned.  Oil based primers have strong odors and fumes!  Be sure to wear a mask!  In my case, I used my shirt!  Not perfect, but it helped!!

In the video above, I was asked to paint a conference room for a large non-profit in Georgia.  There was a lot of Wallpaper, and I did not want to take a chance of it losing adhesion,  so, I used ProBlock Oil Primer from Sherwin Williams, and I used Sherwin Williams Super Paint Satin (water based) for top coat.  I think it turned out great.






Can’t I Just Paint Over Wallpaper with a Water Based Paint?

I have given the “technical answer” above, but having said that, we have certainly just “painted over” the wallpaper with Water Based / Latex Paint.

In reality, if the wallpaper is firmly attached to the wall, you will probably be fine doing so, but just remember, do it at your own discretion!  (but you will probably be ok… 🙂


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