What if Cleaning Were a Fitness Routine?

My Wife Loves to “Work Out!”  I do not.

To Jessica, there is something missing, if she does not get her work out.  How into this is she?  I have come home on Several Occasions to find her in a “Sweat,” watching some “YouTube Fitness Instructor” yelling at her while she does a “Living Room Workout!”

She even juggles her “YouTube Instructors.”  In fact, she has one from a foreign country.   This lady “teaches” in some Slavic Language, (we think) and Jess and her seem to move in perfect harmony.

Its like watching 2 kids play “tag,” but neither has a clue what the other is saying.  However, they both seem to know the rules, and they play the game.

Except, its not a friendly game of tag.  Its a painful, awful, sweat filled, body aching game of “Work Out Torture!”

I Do Not Love to “Work Out!”  My wife does.

Yes, I do try to work out.  I often go to the YMCA and do the “treadmill” or “elliptical machine.”

However, unlike my “Workout Insane” wife, who happily dances to some foreign language, I am looking for distractions!

I need some podcast in my ears, or a TV to watch.  Anything, anything to keep me from thinking about the blasted pain and boredom of running on that treadmill!

Cleaning a Home is “Hard, Physical Labor”

For my fellow “Cleaners” out there, you know the following statement is true.

“Cleaning a Home is HARD, PHYSICAL, LABOR!” 

You got to get in Cleaning Shape!

I joke about my wife, but in reality, I really admire her, and I admire her view of physical labor.

When she cleans, she thinks of the cleaning as a “Physical Workout.”

In the fun video below, she describes how “Mopping Can Work the Core!”

(I love you babe!  I hope you love me after you see this video!!)

My encouragement to my fellow “Work Out Haters!”

A.  I know your cleaning pain!

B.  But, the more you clean, the more “in cleaning shape you will be!”

This is common sense, but its so true.

Have you been guilty of this?

Have you ever been cleaning a house all day, and you’re hungry, and your back hurts from all the bending over.  Have you ever been tempted  to coast at the end of the job?

Perhaps, for that last toilet of the day, you don’t get down on your knees to clean behind it, instead you think…..

“Oh, my back and legs hurt too bad to reach back there!”

Sure you have!  We all have! We also all have had this same experience,

When the customer checks behind your work.  They see the “One Toilet that wasn’t cleaned properly,” and what do they always say?

“This House Hasn’t Been Cleaned!!!”

How frustrating!  You know that you cleaned and worked hard for hours in that house.  How dare they?!

My encouragement to you is this.   Think of your “home cleaning jobs” like my wife does.  Even if you hate workouts like me, you will find that the more you do it, the easier it will be!

Heck, when I do get into a “Work Out Kick,” I find that I even enjoy it.

That is, “Unless my “YouTube Distraction” is in some foreign language!  🙂


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