Use the “Easy Off Trick” for Stove Top Cleaning

Stove Tops Get Dirty!

Both Glass Stove Tops and Metal Stove Tops collect Grime and Grease, and it gets baked in.

Hi, my name is Adam Johnson, and our Cleaning Company, TurnClean Services, cleans Hundreds of Rental Homes a year.  As a result, we see a lot of dirty ovens.

If you have watched many of my Cleaning Videos, you know that I love Heavy Duty Easy Off.  Its amazing.  It cuts grease inside of ovens like a champ.

So the Question is…..

“Would Easy Off work on top of the stove as well?”

I found out it did.  Don’t believe me?  Watch the video!


3 Steps for Cleaning Your Stove Top

1. Spray with Heavy Duty Easy Off Oven Cleaner
2. Let the Stove Top soak in the Oven Cleaner. I recommend at least 4 hours.
3. Wipe it clean. Repeat if necessary.



Final Thoughts on Cleaning your Stove Top –

When trying to “cut” hard baked in grease on the stove top, let time be your friend.  The longer you allow the HD Easy Off to sit, the better it will work.  If really bad, don’t be afraid to let it sit all day!

Also, you may want to consider using a “Scotch-Brite Stainless Steel Scrubber.”  (As always, be careful and check for scratching, but its an awesome tool.  Its one of my favorite Cleaning Hacks!

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Full Disclosure – In the video, you will notice that my assistant and I have a “Friendly Argument” as to which Oven Off product we like the best.  I don’t know for sure if she used some of the “Fume Free” version on this stove as well.  So, it may not be Pure Heavy Duty in this test, but trust me – USE THE HEAVY DUTY VERSION.  While the fumes are indeed terrible, but quality of the product is superior!



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