Tips for Facebook Marketing of Your Cleaning Business

Be Wise In How You Use Facebook to Market Your Cleaning Business

You don’t want to be “That Guy!”  You know who I am talking about.  You don’t want to be the “Facebook Guy or Gal” who is constantly asking their “Facebook Friends” for business!  Here is a hint…..

You “Friends” get sick of seeing your ads.  There is a chance they have even begun to “unfollow” you!

Believe me, I understand.  We “Entrepreneurs” love to see our baby, our business, on Facebook.  It gives us legitimacy, and it gives us a little buzz!

Perhaps somebody even “likes” our post!

“More BUZZ!!”  Somebody appreciates me!”

However, let me ask…

“Have you noticed that most of your “likes” seem to come for the same individuals?  Do some of those individuals share your last name?  Yikes!!

How Do We Get Business From Facebook Friends and not just “Likes?”

Use “Content Marketing” to get business from your Facebook Friends.  In general, Facebook Marketing is a “Long Game Strategy.”  Most folks do not look at Facebook to find a Cleaner or a Plumber.  They look at Facebook for “an escape.”  So what should you give them on Facebook?

Give Facebook Friends an Escape, not a Commercial!

Let’s use the example of “A Cleaning Business.”  Don’t fall into the trap of posting a picture of yourself cleaning a house with the caption “I love cleaning, can I clean for you?”  Nope!

Post a before / after photo of a REALLY DIRTY House, and use the caption…. “Can you believe how dirty this house was?”  Now you have their interest.

Post photos and small videos of things in your business that are interesting.  You will be secretly planting the idea in their head that “Your Cleaning Business is a Good Business.”  Maybe every once in a while “ask for the business” or offer “a discount,” but in general, your Facebook posts should be interesting, amusing, and most importantly, “an escape from their day.”

On-Line Commercials have their place, but in general that place is not Facebook.  Its on a search engine like Google or Yahoo.

Here is another Great Marketing Tip for Facebook!

I have told the story in the video above, but in case you would rather read, here is a great suggestion.

Once you do a Great Job for one of your “Facebook Friends,” have this conversation with them when it comes time to get payment.

“Mr. or Mrs. Customer, thanks for letting me Clean your Carpet.  I know we agreed on a price of $285, but I am really trying to Grow My Cleaning Business.  Would you be willing to take a photo of the carpet we cleaned and say a little message about our company?  I would be happy to give a discount in exchange for your time.”

If they say yes, its a HOME RUN!  You will actually have somebody else endorsing your business to their Facebook Friends!

How much did this advertisement cost?  Just a little discount!

Now that’s a “Good Return on Investment!”


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