Tip for Saving Time and Money when Painting Your Home

Painting your walls can be both both expensive and time consuming! Imagine if you have an investment property, and you have to re-paint the walls about every 12 months!

Painting Your Home’s Walls Takes a lot of Time!

Not only do you have to pick out the color, you then need to decide on what type of paint to use.

Do you use Flat?  Satin?  Eggshell?

Then, after you figure out the correct type of  paint to use, you then have to do the painting!  That first wall may seem easy, but it gets old quick!


Painting Your Home can be Expensive!

Have you checked out the price of paint lately?  Though prices vary, you could be spend between $20 to $40 per gallon of paint.  That can add up quickly!!

But, Here is a Painting Hack that will save Time and Money!

I call it Touch Up Painting.

Touch Up Painting is a Technique that allows you to use the Same Color of paint, blend it in the walls, covering the scuffed areas, and thereby making your walls look Fresh and New at a fraction of the price.

Check out the Video above to see it in Action!


Would you like a Free Estimate to Paint Your Home?

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