Should I Start a Cleaning Business?

There are tons of videos and articles that answer the question “How Do I Start a Cleaning Business?” However, before you even go down that path, I ask that you press the pause button.  Let’s address the question, “Should you Start a Cleaning Business?” Before we start, please allow me to quickly introduce myself.  My […]

Why I Started a Cleaning Business

The Day I was Fired In early 2013, my world was flipped upside down.  I was fired.  I will never forget the moment.  My boss told me to meet her that Monday Morning.  I remember walking into the office.  I remember my boss putting me on a conference call with the human resources department.  I […]

Growing My Commercial Cleaning Business With Stairwells

  The Dream of Having Commercial Cleaning Accounts To all my fellow cleaners out there, I know what you want.  You want Commercial Cleaning Accounts.  They are easy, right?  There is no dealing with Picky Home Owners, and they provide steady and predictable income. The problem is that Commercial Accounts are incredibly difficult to come […]

End of Lease Cleaning Cost

Wondering “How to Start a Cleaning Business?”

Are you wondering “How to Start a Cleaning or Contractor Business?” Of course you are, why else would you be reading this post?  My name is Adam Johnson, and I own TurnClean Services.  TurnClean was started in July of 2013.  For a myriad of reasons that I will not go into, I found myself without […]