Swiffer and Microfiber Dusters

One of the mistakes a lot of New Cleaning Services make is Buying Too Many Cleaning Products!

You do not need every cleaning product at the store.   In many cases, you can use the same product through much of the house.

Certainly, there are exceptions to this rule, but it is true, many of us “overstock” our cleaning caddies, and as a result we waste a lot of money and time shuffling between different products.

(I will write more about this in a later article.  Be sure to “Like” the TurnClean Services Facebook Page so that you don’t miss it.)

However, there are 2 Products I do recommend you Buy:  Swiffers and Long Reach Dusters

When I say “Swiffer,” I am referring to the type of products you see below.


Swiffer Dusters are amazing because they make “Dusting a House” so easy and so quick!  There are also”off brand” versions of Swiffer Dusters that are a little less expensive.

If you want to try them instead of the name brand item, be my guest! They will probably work fine.

The important thing is that you add this type of duster to your Cleaning Caddie.  It will save time.

Any time you can do a quality job, while saving time, its a Win Win!

You Should also have a “Long Reach Duster”


The Bissell High Reach Microfiber Dusters are fantastic for cleaning high Ceiling Fans.

Early in my “Cleaning Business Career,” I had a High Ceiling fan to clean.  I did not have this tool, and I found myself trying to balance on Stacked Paint Cans and reaching up for that high dusty fan.


If I would have had a Bissel High Reach Microfiber Duster, it would have been so much easier!

Be Smart when Buying Your Cleaning Supplies

Be Strategic in what you buy.  There are times you should spend money to get a quality cleaning item, and there are times you should say no.

When I started my cleaning business, I loved to go shopping for Cleaning Supplies.  I felt like a “True Entrepreneur” who was Buying the Correct Product to make the job fast and easy.

However, I bought so much stuff that it became a “long ordeal” just to pack and unpack my car.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a big believer in having the Correct Cleaning Products.  To a big degree, cleaning is chemistry, and knowing the correct chemical will indeed make the job quicker.

However, always look for valid “Cleaning Product Short Cuts.”  Still provide quality, but know that the more “things” you can clean with one product, instead of two, the faster and more efficient your cleaning business will be.



Adam Johnson owns TurnClean Services, a cleaning business that serves Metro Atlanta.


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