Should I Buy a Backpack Vacuum Cleaner for My Cleaning Business?

Yes, Invest in a Backpack Vacuum Cleaner for Your Cleaning Business!

Buying, or should I say, “Investing” in my Backpack Vacuum Cleaner, was by far one of the best decisions I have made, in regards to growing my cleaning business.

First, I say “Investing” because they are Expensive!  In general, I would say a good commercial backpack is between $300 to $500.  That’s a lot of “Cheddar,” as my 11 year old daughter would say.  Its especially a lot of “cheddar” for a new or start up cleaning business.

Believe me.  I understand the dilemma!

Most of us get, (including me) into the cleaning business because we don’t have a lot of other options.  For whatever the reason, we find ourselves in a financial pinch, and “Cleaning” is a quick way to get some of that “Much beloved Cheddar!”

So by definition, most new Cleaning Companies don’t have a lot of money.  So, should you buy a Backpack Vacuum Cleaner?

If you want to make Cleaning a Career, the answer is Yes.


Reason 1 to Buy a Backpack Vacuum Cleaner – Efficiency

Backpack Vacuum Cleaners Save Time.  They have powerful suction, and they can easily get into all the tight corners that Traditional Vacuum Cleaners struggle with.  For example, have you ever tried to “Vacuum the Stairs” with a traditional Vacuum?  Its really hard, but not with a Back Pack!  How about Vacuuming around Furniture?  Again, the Backpack is much easier!

Reason 2 – Backpack Vacuum Cleaners are Better Than Brooms in terms of Cleaning Hardwood Floors!

This is Huge!  Brooms are not that efficient when it comes to cleaning Hardwood Floors, Bathroom Linoleum, or Kitchen Tiled Floors!  Using the suction of the Backpack quickly gets up the dirt and dust without “spreading dust” all over like a broom will do.  It also eliminates the time needed for the “dust pan.”  Backpacks are simply much more effective than Brooms.

Guys and Gals, in case you haven’t noticed…Hard Wood Floors are often the “Star” of your client’s home.  If you want to make a good impression and grow your business, become really good at cleaning Hardwood Floors.  Backpack Vacuums are the way to go.


Reason 3 – Unexpected Shortcuts of the Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Once you invest in the Backpack, you will begin to discover so many “unexpected shortcuts” that it will provide.  I can not name them all, but here are a few “unexpected cleaning delights” I have found with mine….

  • Easy to suck out the dust in cracks in a floor
  • Easy to suck out the dust between the grated entrance to an elevator
  • Easy to clean stairwells
  • Easy to, using the wand, clean dust and hair out of kitchen drawers and dusty bathtubs
  • Easy to suck up the dust on the tops of baseboards

The list could go on and on… If you buy one, you will find “unexpected surprises” as well.  🙂


What Type of Backpack Vacuum Do I Recommend?

(First, let me say.  I am going to list a few options below.  I am an Affiliate Seller on Amazon.  So I get money if you buy any of these vacuums below with my links.  So, am I biased?  You bet!  But, even if you don’t use one of my suggestions, I still recommend you buy a Backpack Vacuum Cleaner.  Just make sure its from a reputable company, and I suspect it will be a great success in your Cleaning Business. If you are serious about Growing Your Cleaning Business, Get a Backpack!)




Adam Johnson owns TurnClean Services, A Cleaning Business in Metro Atlanta and Athens, GA


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