New Year’s Resolutions For Your Cleaning Business

Its that “Slow Period” between Christmas and New Year’s Day.  The Christmas Rush is done, so what do you do in this down time?

Its time to Reflect on your 2018 Fiscal Year, and its time to set some goals for next year.

First, Before Setting Goals, Let’s review 2018 Fiscal Year

  • Were you profitable?
  • How were your sales in 2018 compared to 2017?
  • How was your Profit in 2018 compared to 2017?
  • How are your personal finances?  Are you better off now that you were at the end of 2017?

These are tough questions to ask for both you and me.  My sales were a bit lower than I was expecting them to be.  I need to ask myself, why was that?  But really, I don’t care as much about sales as I do about my profit.  Was my profit up or down from what I wanted it to be?

Unfortunately, my profit will come in lower than I had hoped for.  That stinks!

How about you?  How did your profit numbers come in?  Are you happy or sad with your year?

Second, What were the Big Successes of the year?

Depending on how the year went, after doing step 1, you are either in a good mood or a bad mood right now!  Either way, let’s now focus on your Biggest Successes of the year.

  • What are you the most proud about?
  • How does that Success Make you feel?  Are you Proud?

One of the things I am most proud of is the TurnClean Services Mentoring Program!  In 2018, I was able to take my first “Paid” mentoring calls.  I love the “Coaching” aspect of my job, and my hope and love has always been helping others that are in a similar situation as me.  In 2018, I put so much effort into the YouTube Page and in the Website.

It was and is very satisfying to see the work starting to pay off!  How about you?

  • Did you clean your First Home?
  • Did you land your First Commercial Cleaning Job?
  • Did you learn something about the cleaning business that you previously did not know about?

What were your big successes?

What Was Your Big “Cleaning Business Fails” of 2018?

  • What “mistakes” cut into your profit the most?
  • What “decisions” hurt business relationships?

As I reflect on my year, I regret some “Job Complaints” that I received.  One in particular comes to mind.  We were hired to paint (TurnClean Services does Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Painting, and Junk Removal) an apartment for move in.

For whatever reason, there was miscommunication between myself and my Sub-Contractor.  We ended up PAINTING THE WRONG APARTMENT!!  Yikes.  That was an expensive mistake.  I ended up paying for both apartments to be painted, but I only got paid for one.

Things like this happen.  We call them “learning opportunities.”  Well, I had a lot of “Learning Opportunities” in 2018.  To be Frank, I am Sick of my “Learning!!”  🙂  Can you relate?

  • What were your “learning opportunities?”
  • Did you hurt any “Business relationships?”  Why?

After you make your list, I want you to think about “What You Can Do in 2019 to avoid these same mistakes.”

3rd – What do You Want to Accomplish in 2019?

This is perhaps the “most fun” part of this exercise.  This is where you get to dream.  As entrepreneurs, we love to dream, don’t we?


  • What Profit Number Would You Like to Achieve in 2019?
  • What Customer Base Would you like to have in 2019?
  • What Type of “Time Flexibility” would you like in 2019?
  • What Types of Business Relationships do you need in 2019?

These are personal questions, and the answers will vary with each individual.  Our motivations are different.

Some get into the cleaning business because they want to create a “Cleaning Empire,” and others get in for the “Time Flexibility” that it provides.    Others get in because they “have no other options!”

Whatever your motivation is, you still need to think about Profit.

How can your business be “Profitable Enough” to achieve what you want to accomplish in 2019?

4th – Make Your Business Plan for 2019

Its time.  Its time to put it to paper.  How are you going to Achieve Your Goals?

  • Saying that “I am going to just keep doing what I am doing” is not a Business Plan.
  • Saying I am going to give “Great Customer Service” is not a Business Plan.

My Business Professor used to make us do “SWOT” analysis.  A “SWOT” analysis would be helpful to you as well.

S – Strengths

W- Weaknesses

O – Opportunities

T – Threats

I encourage you to do a “SWOT” analysis of your business.  Then, after seeing clearly what your business is, I recommend that you create a “written plan” to achieve your 2019 Goals!


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