Lessons For Landlords from The Refrigerator of Death!

Recently, I was asked for an estimate to Paint and Clean a home in Covington, Ga.  Getting estimates for property managers is pretty common for me, but, this home was anything but Common!!!


Upon entering the home, I was greeted the the smell of Death and Decay.  I immediately suspected that there was food left in the fridge and that the power was cut off.   Unfortunately, for my sense of smell, I was not wrong.





The belly churning, gag inducing, maggot filled box of horror was traumatically overwhelming!!

There should have been a bright yellow sign on the door, warning… “OPEN AT YOUR OWN RISK!”




What Landlords Can Learn from “Maggot Filled Refrigerators”

Yes, this was one of the worst and smelliest refrigerators that I have seen.  However, I have seen them before.  Quite often, when tenants are evicted, or leave in the middle of the night, they are not only skipping out on paying the landlord, but they are also skipping out on paying the power company.

As a result, the power is turned off, and the food spoils, aka – the landlord inherits a Refrigerator of Death!!




The Lesson

Landlords and Property Managers…. If your tenant is evicted or “leaves in the middle of the night,” go immediately to the home.  Don’t wait.  Throw out the food from the refrigerator immediately, before it spoils.  It will save you from the trauma of

“The Death Refrigerator!!”



Adam Johnson owns TurnClean Services.

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