How To Clean Soap Scum on Glass Shower Doors


What is The Soap Scum on My Shower Door?

There are more technical answers out there, but for our purposes let’s just say:

Soap Scum is formed when “Hard Water” meets Soap in your shower or tub over an extended period of time.

Water is said to be “Hard” when it has higher amounts of “Calcium and Magnesium.”  Calcium and Magnesium interact with soap to form that horrible ugly stuff called Soap Scum!!


Why do you need to know what Soap Scum is?

Technically, you don’t.  But, I wanted to give the “very miniature” chemistry lesson above to stress a point.  In order to clean properly, you need the Correct Chemicals!  Scientists are smarter than you or I when it comes to chemistry.  They know what chemicals react best to destroy soap scum.

So, make sure you are using the correct cleaning products.  For example, don’t use “All Purpose Cleaner” for a tough Scum Job.  Use the product that has the chemicals designed to combat Scum.


“Zep Shower, Tub, and Tile Cleaner”

The Zep cleaning line is great, and I like this product for Soap Scum Removal.  However, I am sure there are other cleaning products that would work great as well.  This is my point, USE THE CORRECT TYPE OF CLEANER! If its Soap Scum you are cleaning, get Soap Scum Remover!!


3 Steps to Cleaning Soap Scum

1.  Spray the Tub or Glass with Soap Scum Remover.  (I suggest let it sit for a while so that the chemical can work)

2.  Get a “Scotch-Brite Stainless Steel Scrubber” and scrub away the scum.  (As always, test for scratching.  However, I love the Stainless Steel Scrubbers, and I fine they work great for Soap Scum Cleaning)

3.  Wipe it Clean!  (You may want to use water or some sort of all purpose cleaner for this stage)


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Final Thought on Soap Scum Removal

One of the toughest things for me to clean was Glass Shower Doors.  Scum would build up on the Door, and I could not figure out how to get it off.  I would try but was never satisfied with the outcome.

But now its easy!  By following the 3 steps mentioned above, its easy to Destroy Soap Scum!


Adam Johnson Owns TurnClean Services.  Its a Cleaning Company that serves Metro Atlanta.

As a caution, always test for scratching when cleaning!


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