Stop Overpaying to Paint Your Investment Property

TurnClean Services’s “Touch Up Painting” Method will Save You Money!


Don’t let Ugly Trim Keep Your Home from Selling or Renting!

TurnClean Services can Paint Your Trim and Your Walls.

With Our “Touch Up Paint Method,” we are experts at making a home look and feel fresh, but at less of the cost of a Full Paint Job.

Doing a Full Repaint of a Rental Property is Very Expensive, and often, its not needed.


Why Would You Pay For a Full Repaint, When the Tenant will Be Moving in a Year or Two Anyways?

Contrary to Popular Opinion, most landlords are not Jerks.  They do want to give there tenants a nice home to rent, and as a result, they sometimes OVERPAY to turn their rental property.

Here is the “Landlord Myth”

“If I pay a lot to fix up my rental property, then my tenant will treat it respectfully and will always pay on time.”

Sound Familiar?  Have you been burned yet using this logic?

There are a number of factors that go into finding a “Good” tenant.  Below are 3 that I would suggest

  • Ability to Repay – “Do they have a job?”
  • Past History of Payments
  • Previous Landlord Recommendations

Here is my Point.  Yes, Give your tenant a Quality Home to live in but be smart on how you do it.

Tip for Cheaply and Effectively Turning Your Rental Property

  • Paint Your Walls a Neutral Color, and do not allow them to change colors
  • This will result in you knowing the exact Color that is on the walls, and as a result you can do “Touch Up Painting” of your Rental instead of the costly Full Repaint.


If you do not know the exact color, here is the next best idea.  Do a Color Match of the paint on the walls.  See Video Above.


TurnClean Services Can Paint and Clean Your Home!

TurnClean Services Paints homes in Athens, Monroe, Lawrenceville, and all Metro Atlanta.

Want a Free Estimate of “Touch Up Painting?”

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