We Paint Rental Homes in Metro Atlanta

TurnClean Services specializes in the “Touch Up Painting Method”

In many cases, your home does not need a “Full Repaint.”  Touch up painting allows you to make the walls look fresh and new, but at a fraction of the price.

Our Touch Up Painting System

  • Get a “color match” of the current wall color
  • Patch nail holes throughout the home
  • Touch up the walls with the matched paint
  • Touch up the Trim with White Gloss or Semi-Gloss paint


How Much Does it Cost to Paint My Rental Home?

  • In most cases, our touch up painting system costs between $800 to $1500, but prices can vary.
  • Full Color Changes can cost more.



Its hard to give a price for any painting job without seeing it, but we are happy to give free estimate.



Do you Want a FREE ESTIMATE to Paint Your RENTAL HOME?

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TurnClean Services paints homes in Metro Atlanta and Athens.