How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Bedroom?

Because Sometimes You Only Want to Pay for a Small Paint Job

TurnClean Services offers Painting A La Carte!  Whether its just a bedroom that you want to add color to, or a dinning room that has too much color and needs to be toned down, we can do the SMALL PAINTING JOBS FOR YOU!

How Much to Paint Just One Room?

Prices can very, but in general, I charge $250 to paint Bedroom Walls a new color.  This price includes the cost of the paint.  🙂  However, it is just for One Color Change.  If you desire to paint a bedroom several colors, the price could vary.


What If I Want to Paint More Than One Room, or a Room that is not a Bedroom?

Absolutely, I am happy to do so.  I mainly put the “$250 per bedroom price” to give an idea of what I would charge.  However, I can paint any room you would like…. send an email and photo of the room you want painted, and I can give a free estimate.

If there is more than one room to be painted, we can talk about giving a combo price.

Does TurnClean Services Paint Trim, Ceilings, Closets, etc?

We certainly do, but it costs extra to paint these items.  For example, it you wanted to “freshen up” the Trim by doing “touch up painting” of it the same color, it would be about $50 more.  But if there is a color change for trim, it would be more.

In terms of ceilings, closets, pantries, etc, please take a photo and email me for a free estimate.

What Areas Does TurnClean Services Offer Painting?

TurnClean Services Offers Painting (By the Room Pricing) for the Greater Athens Area and in Gwinnett County.

TurnClean Services offers turn key painting, touch up painting, and full interior repaints throughout Metro Atlanta and Athens.

How Do I Get More Information about TurnClean Services Potentially Painting My Home?


or call my cell – Adam  404-732-4077


TurnClean Services is a Painting Service in Athens, Georgia.  TurnClean Services paints homes in Lawrenceville, Monroe, Conyers, McDonough, and throughout Metro Atlanta.