Carpet Steam Cleaning – 3 Rooms $125

How Much Does it Cost to Clean My Carpet?

In most cases, TurnClean Services prices carpet cleaning by the Number of Rooms.  We do not charge for Closets or Hallways.

General Carpet Cleaning Price Guide

1 Area ——————  $100

2 Areas —————–  $100

3 Areas —————–  $125

4 Areas —————–  $175

5 Areas —————–  $235

6 Areas —————–  $265

7 Areas —————–  $295

Stairs (Each Set) ——  S35

If conditions warrant, prices are subject to change.  If this did happen, we would get approval from the customer before we started.  For example, if the carpet had “Blood Stains,” we would charge a little more.


What Type of Carpet Cleaning Does TurnClean Services Do?

The method of Carpet Cleaning performed by TurnClean Services is “Steam Cleaning.”

Does TurnClean Services Charge to Steam Clean My Closets and Stairwells?

In most cases, we do not charge for Closets or Stairwells.



How Do I Book TurnClean Services to Clean My Carpet?

The easiest way to get your home on the calendar is to email Adam at

This email will come directly from my phone, and I will follow up with you in a timely fashion.  Or, you are welcome to call us at 404-732-4077 to book an appointment.


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