How Hard Is It “Really” to Turn Rental Properties in Georgia?


One Fact Landlords Must Face When Renting Homes

Over the past few years, we have performed 1,000’s of Turn Key Services for Property Managers and Landlords throughout Metro Atlanta, and I can tell you one thing for sure:

Your Rental Home Will Not Look New When Your Tenants Move Out.

Yes, this seems obvious, but its a good fact to be reminded of.  All to often, landlords get upset when they see that their rental property no longer looks new.  Landlords should not be surprised.  In fact, they should look at their own personal home.  Does it look as good today, as the day when they moved in?  Of course Not.

But, In Most Cases, It’s Not Difficult to Get the Rental Home Back to “Move In Ready Condition”

Tenants generally do not destroy homes.  Yes, there are the odd cases we all like to talk about.  We all have seen those Incredible Eviction Stories that scare investors to death, but these stories are the exception to the rule.

If the landlord or property manager is diligent in screening applicants on the front end, there generally will not be any horror stories.


What Are the Most Common “Things” That need to Be Done to Get a Rental Home “Move In Ready?”

1.  Rental Home Painting (In Georgia)

If painting is needed, its generally “just the walls” that need to be painted.  In most cases, the landlord does not need to paint the ceiling, Trim, Closets, Cabinets, or Garage.  If he or she simply focuses on the walls, the place will look “almost brand new.”

     Painting 5 What does TurnClean Services Charge to Paint Rental Homes?

If you asked us to paint, “just the walls” of your investment property, a good “rule of thumb” price is about $1.25 per square foot.     Obviously, this number is just an estimate to give an idea of paint cost.  (Every home can be different, and Prices are Subject to Change.)

2.  Rental Home Carpet Installation or Rental Home Carpet Cleaning (In Georgia)

Carpet Steam Cleaning is a fantastic and inexpensive way to make the carpet look new.  In most cases, Carpet Steam Cleaning will leave these incredible fresh looking triangles.  New Tenants and New Buyers love the Carpet Steam Clean Triangles.

However, sometimes the carpet is beyond steam cleaning.  In these cases, new carpet will need to be installed.

What does TurnClean Services Charge to Install or Steam Clean Rental Home Carpet? (In Georgia)

Carpet Steam Cleaning Price Sheet – I have attached this link to our pricing sheet.  We charge “by the room” or “stairwell,” so its easy to calculate the price.

Carpet Installation Price – Installing carpet is more complicated.  Its depends on a number of factors such as square footage and angles.  However, TurnClean Services does offer Free Estimates to Install New Carpet.


Move In Clean

Certainly, the most common expense for any landlord is the “Move In Clean.”

I have attached a link to our “Move In Cleaning Checklist” above.  In essence, to get a Rental Home Clean, the cleaner needs to focus on four main areas:  Kitchen, Bathrooms, Dusting, and Floors.



What Does TurnClean Services Charge for a Rental Home “Move In Cleaning?”

The link above will connect to the TurnClean Services Price sheet.  While every home can be different, most rental homes in Georgia can be cleaned for a price between $200 to $300 dollars.  See price sheet for further details.


What Does it Cost to Get a Rental Home Move In Ready?

This answer can vary from home to home.  Certainly, there are a number of TV shows that make the process seem complicated.  Yes, if you buy an old ugly investment home, that needs major renovations, it is going to be costly and complicated.

However, most rental homes are “normal homes” that tenants live in.  As such, they need normal maintenance to get “Move In Ready.”

Generally, Painting, Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, and maybe a little junk removal will make the rental home look awesome for Move In.

Shhhhhh, don’t tell anybody, but sometimes it only takes a Good Move In Clean!!


Cosmetic Rehabs


Would You Like for TurnClean Services to Turn Your Investment Home?

TurnClean Services Serves Metro Atlanta Homes through:  Painting, Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Installation, and Junk Removal.


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