How Do I Use Heavy Duty Easy Off Oven Cleaner?

Easy Off is an Amazing Product.  I describe it as a “Degreaser on Steroids!”

Whether you are somebody who just cleans your own home, or you are a Professional Cleaner, You need to have Easy Off in your Cleaning Caddie.

However, it can be intimidating.  Its made with chemicals such as Sodium Hydroxide, Diethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether, and others.  Its a more powerful cleaner than a typical “All Purpose Degreaser,” and I would recommend wearing gloves when you use it.  Also, Do not breath the fumes in.  They can be powerful!  But don’t be afraid of Easy Off.  Once you try it a few times, you will fall in love with the product like I have.

How Do We use Easy Off to Take Your Cleaning Game to the Next Level?

So, because I am not a chemist, I feel that I must say… Read the label.  It gives directions and safety instructions.

Why is Heavy Duty Easy Off Oven Cleaner Such a Good Product?

It desolves the burnt grease.  Ovens often turn black with “Cooked in Grease.”  It can get so hard that its incredibly difficulty to clean.  Spray Heavy Duty Easy off, let it sit for about 4 hours, and you will be amazed how easily it wipes out!  Its like a miracle.  🙂

There are “Other Versions” of Oven Cleaner on the Market.  Feel free to try them if you want.  The pictures below are from one of my cleaning sub-contractors.  I can not say for sure, but I suspect she is using a different brand of oven cleaner.


My point is this.  Oven Cleaners, such as Easy Off, are amazing products.  Be sure you have them in your cleaning caddie if you must clean ugly ovens!

There is also a “Fume Free Version.”  It is a great product as well, but I like the Heavy Duty version because its better at cutting the really tough, burnt in grease.  (To be honest, I am not sure which version or brand of oven cleaner is being used in all the photos above,  but my advice is, despite the incredible fumes, use the Heavy Duty Version of the Oven Cleaner if its really bad.

Best Practice

After you have marveled at the cleaning miracle of your newly cleaned oven, I would recommend re-wiping the oven with an “All-Purpose Cleaner” to remove any remaining Easy Off Residue.

Note…If you come back in a few hours, and you see “White stuff” in your oven, don’t freak out.  This means you did not wipe out all the Easy Off Residue.  Just re-wipe it out with an all-purpose cleaner.  It will come off easily.

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