How Do I Turn the Water On and Off at the Water Meter?

Its Really Quite Easy to Turn the Water On and Off at the Water Meter.

Step 1 – You need a Water Key

You can buy water keys at most hardware stores, and for the most part they are really cheap.  I have attached 2 pictures of water keys here.  (Also, hint, hint – its an Amazon Link.  So its easy to buy!  🙂



Step 2 – Find the Water Meter in Your Yard

Generally Water Meters are in the front yard, and they are near the road.  They often have Thick Metal Covers.  Once you find the water meter, remove the cover, and you will see the water meter.

(Real World Hint – Don’t be surprised if there is a lot of dirt, leaves, or whatever underneath the metal cover.  I assure you, the meter is buried under that debris.  You just need to remove the dirt.  It shouldn’t be that deep: maybe a foot or two.  IF YOU USE A TOOL TO REMOVE DEBRIS, BE CAREFUL.  You don’t want to slam a shovel into the dirt and possibly break the water pipe!!)

Step 3 – Turn the Meter On or Off

In general, if not always, if the “meter valve” is parallel to the road, the water is off.  If the “meter valve” is pointing to the house, the water is on.

Warning about Turning the Water On or Off at the Meter

Do not turn the water meter on if it has a lock on it!  If the owner or tenant does not pay the water bill, the water company will put a lock on it.  In this case, Pay the Water Bill!  Let the Water company remove the lock, don’t remove it yourself.

Electronic Locks

Some water companies use electronic locks on their meters.  If this is the case, and its difficult to turn the meter on or off, check with the water company.  They may have it locked.

Turning the Water Off  When Winterizing Your Home

If you are going to be “away” from your home for the winter, I would recommend “turning the water off.”  Many homes now have a “Water Valve” inside the home that makes it even easier to shut the water off.  However, if not, get yourself a water key, and turn that water off!

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