How do I Get a Color Match for My Walls From the Paint Store?

Do You Love Painting Your Home?

Your answer is probably “No!”  To most Americans, painting is one of the many painful chores that must be completed to maintain their house.  But, despite its aggravation, it is important.  Without routine painting, your home will begin to look used and old.

5 Common Reasons to Paint Your Interior Walls

  1. Hole in the Wall – whether from the doorknobs, “moving dings,” etc…your sheet rock is likely to get small holes in it.
  2. Furniture Marks on the Wall – Have you ever looked behind your couch, you know, the one next to the wall?  I bet the wall’s paint is beginning to look rough.  It needs to be freshened up.
  3. Bed Head Rail Marks – Similar to the Furniture Marks.  Years of bumping against the walls has worn your paint down.
  4. Years of Fingers and Hands Smudging the Walls
  5. Scratches on the Walls – Years of Bumping them with items like brooms, vacuum cleaners, or any of the millions of other things that travel through your home!

In these Cases, Do You Have to Paint the Entire Wall?

The answer is NO!  In most cases like the ones listed above, you can just do a practice known as “Touch Up Painting.”  In essence, you get the same paint color that is currently on the wall, and this will allow you to only paint “part of the wall.”

How do I get an Exact Paint Match as the Color on My Wall?

In the video above, I demonstrate how do get a paint match.  But in essence it is this…

  1.  Get a paint chip out of the wall.. (cut it out of a spot that is not obvious)
  2. Repair the spot with Sheet Rock Mud
  3. Take the chip to Sherwin Williams, or some other paint store.  They will use their “color eye” to match the color.
  4. Use that paint to Touch up your walls and the spot you damaged to get the chip.

Caution – There is no guarantee that the paint match will be EXACT, but in general, it will be close enough that your eye will not notice.  In the video below, I show some tricks on how to do this.

– Also, “Color Matching” works best with Flat Paint.  Its harder to blend in other sheens such as Satin, Semi-Gloss, and Gloss.



Conclusion – Touch Up Painting is a Great Way to keep your walls looking fresh without taking the time to do a Full Wall Repaint.

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