How Do I Clean an Oven with Easy Off Oven Cleaner?

Cleaning an Oven with Easy Off Oven Cleaner

I remember one of the first dirty ovens that I was supposed to clean.  It was very intimidating!  In 2013, I started a cleaning business, and one of my first homes had a nasty oven.  How in the world was I supposed to clean it?

My sister told me about this stuff called Easy Off Oven Cleaner.  Little did I know then how incredible it was and is.

Below, I show a video of me Cleaning an Oven, and I list the 3 Steps to Cleaning an Oven

3 Steps to Cleaning Your Oven

First, if you have a “Self-Cleaning Oven,” this will not apply to you.  Just use the self cleaning mechanism.  However, if there is “No Self-Cleaning Mechanism,” and your oven is full of burnt grease and grime, this is what you do….

Step 1 – Spray the Oven with Heavy Duty Easy Off, and let sit.

(There is a Fume Free option as well.  But, I have found its not as effective as the HD version.  Yes, the fumes are Horrific, but hold your breath; don’t breath it in, and it will work wonders for your oven!)

Step 2 – After letting it sit for at least 4 hours, wipe out the oven with paper towels or rags.

(Wear gloves for this step as well.)

Step 3 – Turn the oven on high to “cook off” any residue that you may have missed.

Important note – After “cooking off” any missed residue, you may see a white residue in the oven.  Its no big deal.  Its just residual residue that was missed.  Just wipe it again with water or an all purpose cleaner.  You will be amazed how easily it comes off.

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