How Do I Clean a Toilet Bowl Ring?

What is a Toilet Bowl Ring?

There are actually different types of Toilet Bowl Rings.  For example, the ring could be caused by mold, or the ring could be caused by minerals in the water.  It could be a number of different things, but for our purposes, I want to concentrate on answering the following question:   “How do get rid of a toilet bowl ring?”

Two Types of Toilet Bowl Rings:  Soft Rings and Hard Rings

Again, I am not going to get into the “Science of the Toilet Bowl Ring,” (though it is fascinating) but rather I am going to talk from the prospective of a Cleaner.  Let’s talk about how to get rid of those ugly circles in your Commode.

When determining how to clean your ring, you need to ask two questions.  Is it a “Soft Ring?” or  “Is it a Hard Ring?”

Soft Rings are from “micro-organisms” such as mold or mildew.  For the most part, if its a “Soft Ring,” it can be cleaned with a Toilet Bowl Cleaner.  Its quite easy.

The steps to Clean a Soft Toilet Bowl Ring are:

  1.  Squirt Toilet Bowl Cleaner into the Toilet
  2. Scrub the Toilet with a Toilet Brush
  3. Flush, and you are done!  (See Video)

I have the link to a few Toilet Bowl Cleaners and Brushes Below.

Hard Toilet Bowl Rings

“Hard Toilet Bowl Rings” may be the result of mineral deposits in the water.  Whatever the reason, these ring can become “stuck” to the inside of the bowl, and you may find that your “Toilet Bowl Cleaner” isn’t doing the trick.

No worries, there is a GREAT CLEANING HACK for Hard Toilet Bowl Rings!

Get a Pumice Stone, and “Scratch the Toilet Bowl Ring Away!!”

It really is quite easy.  I love Pumice Stones.  They are great for toilet bowl rings and many other things.  I will be doing a blog soon about how you can even use them for getting “burnt grease” out of your oven.

But for now, if you have a “Hard Toilet Bowl Ring,” get a pumice stone, and you will be amazed how easy it is.

See video at the top.


Adam Johnson owns TurnClean Services.  Its a cleaning business that serves Metro Atlanta and Athens, GA.

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