How Can We Help You?

TurnClean Services is Metro Atlanta’s Solution for Getting Homes “Move-In Ready!”

We Get Home’s “Move-In Ready” by focusing on 4 main areas:  Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Interior Painting, and “Junk Removal”

Move In Cleaning

This is our most common request.  Cleaning Vacant homes is Tough!  There are dirty appliances, soap scummy showers, dusty in-take vents, hair in drawers, ….. “Need I say More?”

This is a link to our “Move In Cleaning Checklist”

Question – Does TurnClean Services Offer Maid Service? 

We do.  While we serve all Metro Atlanta and Athens with our “Vacant Home Cleaning,” our Maid Service is a little more limited.  Please email me if you are interested, and I will be happy to discuss if we do “Maid Service” in your area.



Carpet Cleaning

We offer “Steam Cleaning.”  We provide Steam Cleaning for both Occupied Homes and Vacant Homes.  See our Price Sheet.

We also offer Steam Cleaning for Commercial Buildings.  (In this case, we would need to give an estimate prior to starting.)

Interior Painting

We offer Interior Painting Services as well.  Each home is different, and we ask that you email us for a Free Painting Quote.

Trash Out

We offer Trash Out / Junk Removal Services.  Our Pricing includes Labor and Junk Removal.



TurnClean Services Serves Meto Atlanta and Athens