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Why Am I NOT Cleaning the Carpet at my Office Building?

My office is located in Athens, Ga.  I rent a modest office in a “business office suite.”  Every so often, when I am going to my car, I see a Carpet Cleaning Van in front of the building.

When I walk by it, I always think to myself, “Why Am I not Cleaning the Carpet?” 

First, my company does tons of carpet cleaning.

Second, I am a fantastic tenant in this building

Third, I have developed a strong working relationship with my landlord.  (We love to “talk business” together)

Yet, despite all of these facts, TurnClean Services doesn’t even cross the property manager’s mind when he orders Carpet Cleaning!!

Shame on ME!  The Reason he doesn’t use me is because I never asked him to!

Well that all changed a few days ago.

When I was paying my rent, (I deliver the check by hand to his office.  Its located on the floor below mine) I saw my property manager sitting at his desk.

As always, we began “talking shop.”  We are rooting for each other.  He wants my business to grow, and I want his offices to thrive.  During the conversation, the thought begins bouncing through my head..

“I need to ask him if I can be the Carpet Cleaner for this Building.”

Of course, its always a little nerve racking to “Ask for Business,” because the potential customer( and in this case a semi-acquaintance) may say no.  HE MAY REJECT ME!

Most Entrepreneurs are Afraid of Rejection

I can raise my hand on this as well.  I don’t like to be told no, but over the years I have developed a great technique to help “Ask for the Sale.”

I don’t ask for the sale!  Instead, I offer a sample cleaning for free.

Who doesn’t like to try samples?  I love walking through the food court at the mall and getting free “tasters.”  If  your honest, so do you!

Now for an obvious and dumb question.

“Why do mall restaurants give free tasters?”

Is it because they love giving away free food?  Of course not!  They want you to choose their business instead of the 100 other options that are there.  If they can get a “free taster” of their business in your mouth, then you will be more likely to buy from them, and not the competitor.

The concept is the same with my business.  If I know that there is a potential for “more and/or on-going business,”  I will offer a free sample cleaning.

This does three things.

a.  It helps me get through that “nervous moment” of “asking for a sale.”

b.  It removes one of the main obstacles for him to say no.

c.  It allows me to get into the potential customer’s Cell Phone Contacts.

Back to my Carpet Cleaning Story

As is often the case with many whom I use this technique for, he said… “No, I would be willing to pay.”

When that happens, I have made my first step to “Getting in the Door” to making the sale.

I share more about our conversation in the Video above.

Are you not making the “Easy Sales Call” in your Business?

Instead of spending hours and hours, (and dollars) trying to attract complete strangers to your company, have you ignored and/or not asked some of the obvious folks that you are “semi-acquainted with” for their  business?

While cold calling has its place, its always easier to make a “Warm Sales Call.”

Use the “Free Sample Technique” to “Warm Up Your Sales Call.”


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