Carpet Cleaning – Steam Cleaning Metro Atlanta

TurnClean Services Steam Cleans Carpets     How Much Does TurnClean Services Charge to Clean Carpet? 1 Area ——————  $100 2 Areas —————–  $100 3 Areas —————–  $125 4 Areas —————–  $175 5 Areas —————–  $235 6 Areas —————–  $265 7 Areas —————–  $295 Stairs (Each Set) ——  S35 Hallways and Walkways – Based on […]

Cosmetic Home Rehab

Most Investment Properties do not need MAJOR REHAB WORK, but they do Need a “Cosmetic Home Rehab.” TurnClean Services has helped to “flip” or “turn” over a 1,000 properties in the past few years.  During this time, we have worked with hundreds of Home Owners, Investors, or Tenants, and while each investment property is unique, […]

Steam Cleaning Carpet Vs Dry Cleaning Carpet – What do I do?

Should I Steam Clean my Carpet in Georgia?   The Carpet Cleaning Debate Before starting my cleaning business 4 years ago, I never knew about the “Quandary in Carpet Cleaning.”  My Company, TurnClean Services, specialized in doing “Move In Cleans” for Rental Homes in the Metro Atlanta Market. After doing several of these homes, it […]

How Do I Do a Move In Clean of a Home?

Has your landlord said you need to do a Move In Clean? Chances are, he or she has.  The problem is, many people do not know how to do a move in clean.  We do tons of them, and we would be happy to show you. Has your Realtor told you to clean the home? […]

How Much Should I Charge to Clean and Turn this Home? – Pricing Strategy for Small Business Owners

Pricing Strategy for Turning Rental Homes Over the past 4 years, TurnClean Services has prepared well over 1,000 properties for Move-In.  As a result, I have talked to countless Landlords, Property Managers, and tenants.  While quality is certainly important, they all ask the same question, “How much do you charge?” In any service industry, the […]

Preparing to Sell Your Rental Home – The New Trend

Investment Property Owners are Choosing to Sell Rather than Rent As home values slowly rise, and as mortgages are being paid down, landlords are finding a very “weird thing” in their financial portfolios.  Their Investment Properties now have this strange, unheard of thing called… “Equity!” Should I Sell or Continue to Rent my Investment Property? […]