Carpet Steam Cleaning – 3 Rooms $125

How Much Does it Cost to Clean My Carpet? In most cases, TurnClean Services prices carpet cleaning by the Number of Rooms.  We do not charge for Closets or Hallways. General Carpet Cleaning Price Guide 1 Area ——————  $100 2 Areas —————–  $100 3 Areas —————–  $125 4 Areas —————–  $175 5 Areas —————–  $235 […]

What Stainless Steel Cleaning Product Should I Use?

Why Does Stainless Steel Stain? Its the age old question.  Why does stainless steel stain?  I am sure there are more scientific answers out there, but my assumption is that the answer is different for different types of “stains.” However, for purposes of this article, I don’t really care why it stains.  My intention, as […]

3 Steps to Cleaning Soap Scum

What is Soap Scum? There are more technical answers out there, but for our purposes let’s just say: Soap Scum is formed when “Hard Water” meets Soap in your shower or tub over an extended period of time. Water is said to be “Hard” when it has higher amounts of “Calcium and Magnesium.”  Calcium and […]

Use the “Easy Off Trick” for Stove Top Cleaning

Stove Tops Get Dirty! Both Glass Stove Tops and Metal Stove Tops collect Grime and Grease, and it gets baked in. Hi, my name is Adam Johnson, and our Cleaning Company, TurnClean Services, cleans Hundreds of Rental Homes a year.  As a result, we see a lot of dirty ovens. If you have watched many […]

How Do I Clean a Toilet with Rust?

What is Toilet Rust? There are “more complicated” answers that can be found on the internet, but for our purposes, let’s just say that Toilet Rust is caused by the “Iron” in the water.  Some areas have more “Iron” than others; therefore, the toilets have more rust. How Do I Get Rid of Toilet Rust? […]

Athens Cleaning Service

Residential Cleaning Service for Athens, GA When most people think of TurnClean Services, they think of our amazing Turnkey Cleaning Service.  Yes, we do hundreds of vacant homes a year throughout Metro Atlanta, but did you know that we also have a “Residential Cleaning Business?” Meet Jessica Johnson – Head of Residential Cleaning Hi, I […]

Decatur Georgia Deep Cleaning Service

Our Deep Cleaning Checklist for Decatur Georgia What is a Deep Clean?  Everybody has a different Expectation! Hi, my name is Adam Johnson, and I own TurnClean Services.  Doing a “Deep Clean”  is not as complicated as it might seem.  Think of a “Deep Clean” as Cleaning in 4 Steps:  Kitchen, Bathroom, General Dusting, and […]

The Cleaning Company for Gwinnett County, GA

Lawrenceville, GA, Is Your Lease is coming to an end, and you need to get your security deposit back? The problem is, the landlord wants you to do a full, “deep clean,” before he will agree to return your money. Alas, but “What is a “Deep Clean?”. What is a Deep Clean?  Everybody has a […]