Soap Scum

What is Soap Scum? The Key to Cleaning Soap Scum is knowing how its created. Shower Doors that have soap scum are difficult to clean.  In this video, we discuss how Calcium and Magnesium contribute to the creation of that unsightly Scum.  We also discuss how to make your Shower Door look new!   TurnClean Services Move In […]

Trashout Cleaning Atlanta

Lawrenceville Junk Removal

Eviction Services / Eviction Cleaning in Lawrenceville, GA           If you have to evict a tenant, the Sheriff’s Department will require a team of people to be present to assist at the time of eviction.  After the tenant has left, the sheriff will requite all items of value to be carried outside. TurnClean Services […]

Does Craigslist Have Good Cleaners?

Have you noticed that it’s difficult to find a “Cleaning Rate” on the internet? Furthermore, if you own a Rental Home, you may find it even more difficult to determine a cleaning price. Rental Home Cleaning Rates are different than typical Residential Cleaning Rates.  Why? It takes a lot more work to get a the […]

Junk Removal Can Be Easy

  Junk Removal in Lawrenceville, Ga, Norcross, GA, Conyers, Ga, Stockbridge, GA, Atlanta, Ga, Dekalb County, Ga,  Gwinnett Couny, GA, Walton County, Ga,  Fulton County, GA, Clayton County, GA, and Henry County, GA Hi, I am Adam Johnson, and I own TurnClean Services.  TurnClean Services provides 3 key services for all of Metro Atlanta and […]