Mentoring for Your New Cleaning Business

TurnClean Services Offers Mentoring Called – “A Phone Call to Talk About Your Business”

In 2013 I started TurnClean Services, and in 2016, I started the  TurnClean Services YouTube Channel!  Since that time, I gratefully report, it has received well over 800,000 views and has over 4,500 Subscribers.

Its amazing how many folks have been impacted by the Episodes.  In particular, many, many of you have reacted to the video “I Lost My Job….So I Started a Cleaning Business…My Story”

My Story is Not Unique

This video relates for 2 Reasons:

  • a.  Like me, many of you have been “Fired” or “Lost Your Job”
  • b.  Many of you have a Dream to Start and Grow a Business.

Like some of you, I lost my job.  I suffered through the misery of searching for a job, while being unemployed.  Almost as a last resort, I started a Cleaning Business.  Yep, it was crazy, but what choice did I have?

Thank God I Did!!

Business Coach Already

Having a Business Mentor is One of the Keys to Successfully Starting a Business

Let’s be honest, “Cleaning isn’t rocket science.”  Most of you reading this article already know how to clean a home.  If you don’t, you can learn.  (If I could learn, anybody can!!)  However “Managing a Business,” especially a new company is a different story.  How do you Market?  How Do you Get Sales?  How do you Invoice? ……

Entrepreneurs need mentors.  It can be a lonely world.  Get a mentor for encouragement, advice, and “just to have somebody to talk to!”

Starting a Cleaning Business is both Scary and Difficult, Let’s Talk About it.

Many of you have reached out to ask business questions of me.

  • First, thanks for trusting me enough to ask.
  • Second, your many questions have led me to offer this program called “A 40 Minute Talk About Your Business.”

What is “A Phone Call to Talk About Your Business?”

It is what it says it is.  🙂  I will ask questions about your company, offer advice, and give encouragement. In addition, you would be able to ask questions about how I run TurnClean Services.  In essence, this is a powerful tool for all of you “new entrepreneurs” out there who have nobody to talk to!

What Does “A Forty Minute Talk About Your Business” Cost?

  • Each 45 to 60 minute session costs $50.
  • Simply Email Me to set up an appointment –
  • You can sign up for 1 session or 10 sessions, its up to you.  You would pay per session.

How Does “A Phone Call to Talk About My Business” Work?

  1. Email to set an appointment
  2. On the morning of the appointment, I will email an invoice (with a credit card link) to your email address.
  3. I ask that you prepay the $50 before the appointment.
  4. I will call at the scheduled time, and we will “Set up a Call”
  5. Hopefully, you will be both encouraged and motivated by the end of the call.



To Set Up Your “Phone Call to Discuss Your Cleaning Business”



Why I Started a Cleaning Business


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