Cleaning Hacks for Kitchen Freezer

In the cleaning business, we are often asked to clean vacant homes.  In the industry, we call this a “Move-In Clean.”  When doing a “Move-In Clean,” you need to remember to look at the house through the eyes of a “New Tenant” or a “New Home Owner.”

What is one of the First Places a New Resident is going to look?

The refrigerator!  Don’t we all do it?  There is a “primal need” for all new home owners to walk to the kitchen and open the fridge / freezer to take a look.

As a Cleaner, its your job to make sure this is a good experience!

Cleaning Hack for Frozen Ice in Ice Maker

When that “new resident” peeks in the freezer, they do not want to see Ice from the home’s previous occupant.  Why do you think that is?  Its a deep question that we cleaners must ponder during our many hours of being alone in a home cleaning.  🙂

I suspect its because “We don’t know where that ice has been, and we don’t want it in our drinks!”

Whatever the reason, get rid of it!  However, the problem is that the ice often gets stuck or frozen in the “Ice Maker.”  Do you want to wait for hours while it melts?  Heck No!!

Here is a simple tip.

Take the ice maker out, put it in the sink, and spray hot water on it.  It will quickly melt, and that will save lots of time!

Cleaning Hack for the Freezer #2

When cleaning a freezer, you will often find this problem.

When you spray your cleaning product in your freezer, it freezes!! That is no good!

Here is a simple cleaning hack… Just unplug the freezer!  Open the the doors and clean away.  Some refrigerators make it even easier than this.  They have an on/off switch.

Just be aware, when you do unplug or “turn off” the freezer, any ice in it will melt.  It would be wise to have a towel near by to wipe up any water.


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