Product Review of Easy Off Oven Cleaner

How Well does Easy Off Oven Cleaner Work? From Personal Experience, I can tell you that it is Fantastic.  The chemicals in this oven cleaner “melt” the “Burnt Grease” that is in your oven.  In essence, it “liquifies” the burnt grease so that you can easily wipe it out.   How Do I Use Easy […]

Does Spic and Span Cut Grease?

Kitchen Grease is Horrible!  Its Nasty!   There are many products on the market that claim to “Cut Grease.”  In today’s post, I explore Spic and Span.   Spic and Span Spic and Span is a great “all purpose cleaner.”  Its been around for along time, and you can buy it for as cheap as […]

How Much Should I Spend to Get a Good Tenant?

How Much Should I Spend on My Property to Get a New Tenant? What is the answer?  Are you ready?  The answer is…..  The answer is…..  The answer is… Well, the answer is “It Depends.” (How is that for a generic, non-specific answer?) Hi, my name is Adam Johnson, I own 2 rental properties,  and […]

What Type of Paint Do I Use for Wallpaper?

In homes across America, there are currently lot’s of folks saying one simple phrase… I hate my Wallpaper!! However, the prospect of “Stripping the Wallpaper,” then repairing the sheet rock, and then painting seems like a daunting task.  So the question we all ask is simple… “Can I just Paint Over my Wallpaper?” Good News, […]

How Much Does a Move Out Cleaning Service Cost?

  What is the Price for a Move Out Cleaning Service? While I can not speak for other companies, I will be happy to talk about the cost of our Move Out Cleaning Service.  TurnClean Services does 100’s of Move Out Cleans every year in Georgia.  We Clean for Landlords, Property Managers, Realtors, and New […]

How do I Get a Color Match for My Walls From the Paint Store?

Do You Love Painting Your Home? Your answer is probably “No!”  To most Americans, painting is one of the many painful chores that must be completed to maintain their house.  But, despite its aggravation, it is important.  Without routine painting, your home will begin to look used and old. 5 Common Reasons to Paint Your […]

Tips to Consider Before Buying A Vacuum Cleaner

Let’s talk vacuum cleaners… A Good Vacuum Cleaner is the single most expensive cleaning item you will purchase.  So, what type should you buy?  A Shark?  A Dyson?  A Backpack Vacuum?  There are Tons of options…. I have used the Shark Pro Navigator.  I think its a great vacuum at a great price.  I am […]

How Do I Use Heavy Duty Easy Off Oven Cleaner?

Easy Off is an Amazing Product.  I describe it as a “Degreaser on Steroids!” Whether you are somebody who just cleans your own home, or you are a Professional Cleaner, You need to have Easy Off in your Cleaning Caddie. However, it can be intimidating.  Its made with chemicals such as Sodium Hydroxide, Diethylene Glycol […]