Can I Paint My Cabinets White? Yes!

Recently, a Realtor asked what I would charge to Paint the Cabinets White… The home, located in South Metro Atlanta, was built in 1984, and as such, it was “blessed” with outdated brown cabinets and ugly brown doors.  As you can see in the video, this “abundance of brown” made the house look old, and […]

Should I Buy Name Brand or Cheap Cleaning Products?

  There are sooooo many options of Cleaning Products to choose from! In this video, I interview a local cleaning contractor to see what she uses. We also discuss, should you buy Expensive Cleaning Products or Cheap Cleaning Products. Pilar will also talk about where she gets her cleaning supplies from — Hint, Hint – […]

I Evicted My Tenant – What Do I Do Now?

Unfortunately, if you are a Landlord in Athens, Lawrenceville, or anywhere in Georgia, you have thought about the Eviction Process. In this article, we will discuss two things.  First, we will discuss what “Eviction Day” looks like, and second we will discuss how to restore a destroyed rental property to the status of “Move-In Ready.” […]

How Do I Clean My Home For Move In?

  Congratulations on the Purchase of your New Home!  Unfortunately, once the excitement of the closing table comes to an end, you must go to work! You must organize the moving, which to many means, “Bribing Your friends with Pizza” to spend their Saturday helping you load and unload the old U-Haul Truck.  But, before […]

What is and How Do I Get Rid Of Toilet Bowl Rust?

  Toilet Bowl Rust is a common problem in households throughout the country. The Rust is the result of a chemical reaction of Iron in the Water. Often, what you are seeing and calling “Rust” is Iron Oxide. In this video I show a simple solution that I have learned in the cleaning business. I […]

Growing My Commercial Cleaning Business With Stairwells

  The Dream of Having Commercial Cleaning Accounts To all my fellow cleaners out there, I know what you want.  You want Commercial Cleaning Accounts.  They are easy, right?  There is no dealing with Picky Home Owners, and they provide steady and predictable income. The problem is that Commercial Accounts are incredibly difficult to come […]

There is Soap Scum on My Bathtub!

  Watch How We Destroy Soap Scum   What is Soap Scum? Soap Scum is the result of a reaction between the minerals in your water and soap. Lets go a little deeper with this answer. Often we hear water described in 2 ways: Hard Water and Soft Water. Water is said to be “Hard” […]

3 Steps to Cleaning Rental Homes, Even if They Are UGLY INVESTMENTS

Have Tenants Destroyed Your Rental Home? This Video shows how we made this ugly rental home look great. 3 Steps for Cleaning Rental Homes In Metro Atlanta  Junk Removal Deep Cleaning Carpet Cleaning     TurnClean Services Prices to Deep Clean Your Rental Home Deep Cleaning      Carpet Cleaning     Junk Removal     Eviction Cleaning 404-732-4077   […]