Carpet Cleaning for Athens UGA College Students

Owning a Deep Cleaning Business in Athens, Georgia has its advantages

Its fun to live and work in a College Town.  Yes, I am a Georgia Bulldog (Dawg) fan, and I love the excitement of all the different sports.

But from a practical business standpoint, owning a Cleaning Business in Athens, Georgia has financial benefits as well.

There are a Flood of College Students Moving in and Out of Athens Every Year

These students need a Clean Place to live, and as a result there is a Vibrant Community of Property Management Companies and Apartment Complexes in Athens.

This fact helped me to grow TurnClean Services.

TurnClean Services Offers Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning in Athens, Georgia.


TurnClean Services overs Steam Cleaning Services to get that Carpet “Move in Ready.”

Or, more importantly for many of the departing students, we offer carpet cleaning to satisfy their land lords.

Why is this so important?  Those students want their deposits back!  Many property managers require the student to clean the carpet before they leave.

How much does it Cost to Clean Carpet in Athens, Ga?

I will list our price sheet below.  For the most part, this is the price, though there can be exceptions.

Carpet Cleaning 1 – 2 Rooms –  $100

Carpet Cleaning 3 Rooms —– $125

Carpet Cleaning 4 Rooms —– $175

Carpet Cleaning 5 Rooms —–$235

Carpet Cleaning 6 Rooms —- $265

Stairwells are $35

In most cases we do not charge to carpet clean closets or hallways.


TurnClean Services is also a Deep Cleaning Service for UGA College Students

This is the link to our Price Sheet – TurnClean Services Price Sheet




Would You Like for us to Clean or Carpet Clean Your Home?

email –

or call, 404-432-4077


TurnClean Services Does Deep Cleans and Carpet Cleaning throughout Metro Atlanta as well.


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