Can I Paint My Cabinets White? Yes!

Recently, a Realtor asked what I would charge to Paint the Cabinets White…

The home, located in South Metro Atlanta, was built in 1984, and as such, it was “blessed” with outdated brown cabinets and ugly brown doors.  As you can see in the video, this “abundance of brown” made the house look old, and it hurt the sales potential of the home.

As many of you know, the kitchen is perhaps the most important room in a home when trying to sell.  Cabinets are HUGE!  They need to look great to catch the eye of a potential buyer, but if they are old and ugly, they can be very expensive to replace.

Painting Cabinets White is a Relatively Cheap Alternative!


Do I Use Primer for Painting Cabinets?

I would recommend asking the paint specialist if you need primer or not.  Most likely they will say “probably yes.”  However, if the cabinets are like the one’s in this video, I would say “No.”

I began the Paint Project as an experiment.  I painted one cabinet door with Sherwin Williams ProBlock  Primer, and the other cabinet I painted with Sherwin Williams Exterior Super Paint.

In my opinion, there was no significant advantage to using the primer.  So, for simplicity sake, I simply painted the rest of the project with Super Paint.


But Be Prepared…

  1.  It will take a lot of paint!!  The wood will “drink the paint.”  Be prepared to put at least 3, if not more, coats of paint on the wood.

(It can be argued, “if I had used a proper wood primer, I may not have had to use as many coats.”  This may or may not be true, but I found just “using Sherwin Williams Exterior Super Paint” worked just fine.






2.  Why did I use “exterior paint?”  Because that is what I had.  If I had Interior Super Paint, I would have used it as well.  But, Sherwin Williams Super Paint is a very high quality paint that has “excellent coverage.”  I found it to be great.

3.  What Sheen did I use?  Gloss

4.  I do want to point out that I “just painted the vertical surfaces.”

I did not paint the flat portion of the cabinets.  I do not know how well the paint would hold up to the wear and tear it would receive from various cans and cups being slid across it.

Before/After Video


Final Thoughts

While it will take a lot of work to paint your brown cabinets, it can be done, and it can look great!  Its a cheap alternative to buying new cabinets, and it will really help the “wow” factor of your kitchen.





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