Can I Paint Latex Paint over Oil Based Paint?


No, you should not paint latex over oil based paint

This is the general rule.  Although, as paint technology has improved, there are exceptions to the rule.  However, unless you have gotten confirmation from a Company’s Paint Representative, do not try this.

In general, if you paint latex over oil, you are in danger of the paint peeling.  Oil Based Paint dries “so hard” that it is difficult for the latex paint to have something to grip on.

So, here is the rule…. Only paint Latex Paint over Latex Paint, do not paint latex over oil.

Can I pain Oil Based Paint over Latex Paint?

Yes, you certainly can, but why would you?  In most cases its easier to work with latex paint.  It doesn’t smell as bad, and its easier to clean up.


How Do I Know If I Have Oil Based Paint or Latex?

There is a simple test to determine if you have Oil Paint or Latex Paint.  I call it the Denatured Alcohol Test.

Denatured Alcohol Test to Determine Latex or Oil

  1.  Put Denatured Alcohol on a cloth and rub the surface of the painted object
  2. If the paint “rubs off” easily on your cloth, it is Latex Paint.
  3. If it does not rub off easily, it is oil based paint.



In the above video, I was asked to paint this door red.  At the time, I did not have any denatured alcohol with me.  So to be safe, I used Oil Based Paint.   Remember, you can paint oil over oil or latex.   It turned out great!

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