3 Things Needed to Market a Cleaning Business

  What Makes Your Cleaning Service Special? To all of my fellow cleaners, I ask this question.  What makes your cleaning service special?  Is it Quality?  That is so cliche!  Let’s be honest, “Do you, or I, really clean a client’s toilet far better than our competition?” Have we really mastered some secret method of […]

Should I Buy Name Brand or Cheap Cleaning Products?

  There are sooooo many options of Cleaning Products to choose from! In this video, I interview a local cleaning contractor to see what she uses. We also discuss, should you buy Expensive Cleaning Products or Cheap Cleaning Products. Pilar will also talk about where she gets her cleaning supplies from — Hint, Hint – […]

I Evicted My Tenant – What Do I Do Now?

Unfortunately, if you are a Landlord in Athens, Lawrenceville, or anywhere in Georgia, you have thought about the Eviction Process. In this article, we will discuss two things.  First, we will discuss what “Eviction Day” looks like, and second we will discuss how to restore a destroyed rental property to the status of “Move-In Ready.” […]

How Do I Clean My Home For Move In?

  Congratulations on the Purchase of your New Home!  Unfortunately, once the excitement of the closing table comes to an end, you must go to work! You must organize the moving, which to many means, “Bribing Your friends with Pizza” to spend their Saturday helping you load and unload the old U-Haul Truck.  But, before […]

What’s In My Refrigerator and How Do I Clean It?

You would be amazed and shocked, if you knew the things we find when cleaning refrigerators! We all want to think of our refrigerator as a “Germ Free Zone.”  Its sealed up, always cool, and most importantly, its one of the few places that our kid’s “dirty feet” do not tread.  But unfortunately, that’s wrong.  […]