How to Change a Toilet Seat – Cheaply!

Basic Toilet Seat Repair Changing the Toilet Seat in your Bathroom is one of the easiest and cheapest home repairs that you can do. How Much Do Toilet Seats Cost? Generally, you can get a quality toilet seat for less than $25 at one of the Big Box Construction Stores like Home Depot or Lowes. […]

Tips For Atlanta Rental Home Maintenance and Repair

  Do you Know How to Do Maintenance and Repairs in your Rental Home? Every time a tenant leaves the home, they leave with them Repairs that need to be done before the next tenant.  As a Landlord, you can either hire a company like us, TurnClean Service, or you can do the repairs yourself.  […]

Complete Turn Key Service for Lawrenceville and Atlanta Investors

How to Inspect Investment Properties in Atlanta, GA Atlanta Property Managers,  Lawrenceville Property Managers, Roswell Property Managers,  McDonough Property Managers, Conyers Property Managers Do you get tired of coordinating phone calls from all the Vendors when you turn your Rental Homes? As many of you know, TurnClean Services is built to Clean and Steam Investment […]

Do You Know How To Inspect Your Investment Property?

  This Video is a Move Out Cleaning Inspection from the perspective of a Property Manager or Landlord. What does the Landlord or Property Manager look for when inspecting a Move Out? We show you the perspective of a Landlord who is walking a property after a Tenant has Moved Out. Do you want to […]