Can I Paint My Cabinets White? Yes!

Recently, a Realtor asked what I would charge to Paint the Cabinets White… The home, located in South Metro Atlanta, was built in 1984, and as such, it was “blessed” with outdated brown cabinets and ugly brown doors.  As you can see in the video, this “abundance of brown” made the house look old, and […]

Before / After Cleaning Photos of Henry County Georgia Home

Before / After Cleaning Photos of Vacant Home Refrigerator   Before / After Cleaning Photos of Oven Before / After Cleaning Photos of Vacant Home Before / After Cleaning Photos of Bathroom   TurnClean Services Helps You Rent or Sell Your Home! We Specialize in “Touch Up Painting” We Specialize in “Move In Cleaning” We […]

Lessons For Landlords from The Refrigerator of Death!

Recently, I was asked for an estimate to Paint and Clean a home in Covington, Ga.  Getting estimates for property managers is pretty common for me, but, this home was anything but Common!!!   Upon entering the home, I was greeted the the smell of Death and Decay.  I immediately suspected that there was food […]

Can I Paint Latex Paint over Oil Based Paint?

  No, you should not paint latex over oil based paint This is the general rule.  Although, as paint technology has improved, there are exceptions to the rule.  However, unless you have gotten confirmation from a Company’s Paint Representative, do not try this. In general, if you paint latex over oil, you are in danger […]

Stop Overpaying to Paint Your Investment Property

TurnClean Services’s “Touch Up Painting” Method will Save You Money!   Don’t let Ugly Trim Keep Your Home from Selling or Renting! TurnClean Services can Paint Your Trim and Your Walls. With Our “Touch Up Paint Method,” we are experts at making a home look and feel fresh, but at less of the cost of […]

Product Review of Easy Off Oven Cleaner

How Well does Easy Off Oven Cleaner Work? From Personal Experience, I can tell you that it is Fantastic.  The chemicals in this oven cleaner “melt” the “Burnt Grease” that is in your oven.  In essence, it “liquifies” the burnt grease so that you can easily wipe it out.   How Do I Use Easy […]

Does Spic and Span Cut Grease?

Kitchen Grease is Horrible!  Its Nasty!   There are many products on the market that claim to “Cut Grease.”  In today’s post, I explore Spic and Span.   Spic and Span Spic and Span is a great “all purpose cleaner.”  Its been around for along time, and you can buy it for as cheap as […]

How Much Should I Spend to Get a Good Tenant?

How Much Should I Spend on My Property to Get a New Tenant? What is the answer?  Are you ready?  The answer is…..  The answer is…..  The answer is… Well, the answer is “It Depends.” (How is that for a generic, non-specific answer?) Hi, my name is Adam Johnson, I own 2 rental properties,  and […]