Athens Cleaning Service

Residential Cleaning Service for Athens, GA

When most people think of TurnClean Services, they think of our amazing Turnkey Cleaning Service.  Yes, we do hundreds of vacant homes a year throughout Metro Atlanta, but did you know that we also have a “Residential Cleaning Business?”

Meet Jessica Johnson – Head of Residential Cleaning

Hi, I lead our Residential Cleaning business.  (Yes, I am also the wife of Adam Johnson )  While Adam is very involved in the world of “Turning Homes in Property Management,” I have time to do Residential Cleaning.  We live in Athens, Ga, and as a result, I like to clean homes that are in a 20 mile radius of Athens.

Do you have a home in Watkinsville?  Monroe? Athens? Why not let me clean it?  🙂

Meet Jessica


How Much Does it Cost to Have My Home Cleaned?

Great Question, and I would be happy to give a free estimate to you.  No Strings attached.  Just call 404-732-4077 or email, and we can set a date and time for me to look at your home.

In general, if you desire “weekly maid service,” you can expect approximately $85 per visit.  If you ask for every 2 weeks, or once a month, I would think between $100 to $150 per visit.  However, let me look at your house before we confirm a price.

For Free Estimate

or call 404-732-4077



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