Dear Tenant – I Really Do Want To Give Your Security Deposit Back to You…

Congratulations!  You have made it to the End of Your Lease!

You are not alone.  Right now,  through out Metro Atlanta, thousands of people are counting down the days until their Lease is up.  Its exciting.  There is a feeling of “New Beginnings on the Horizon!”  Whether its a new room mate, a new location, or simply a new view, you can’t wait to move to your new home or apartment.


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The Problem – The Landlord will not Return Your Security Deposit

Alas, you have received those dreaded words, “You need to do a Deep, Move-Out Clean of your Apartment before your deposit will be returned.”

The Common, But Wrong Response..

“My Landlord is making this difficult because he wants to keep my deposit!”

While this may be a true of a select few, the vast majority of Landlords do not want to keep your security deposit.  In reality, the $600 to $2,500 dollar deposit that you made just isn’t that much money to your landlord.

He or she is thinking long term.  The Landlord’s biggest fear is, “How do I get this property rented for the next 12 months, and how quick can I get it rented?”

To the Landlord, time is of the up most importance.  Every month that goes by without rent is “lost money.”  If their is a mortgage on the property, the landlord is not only missing out on potential rent money, but he or she is also floating the mortgage.

Believe me, as both a Landlord myself, and as a guy, whose company, (TurnClean Services) serves landlords and property managers throughout Metro Atlanta, the landlord does not want to keep your money.  They simply want their property back in Great Shape so that they can find a new tenant as quickly as possible.

To the Landlord, the Security Deposit simply insures that You will Return their property in Great Condition.

There is no secret plan.  There are no “band of evil landlords” all across the country, who are sitting around with their property manager buddies plotting, “How can I steal this Security Deposit?”  The truth is, its in the landlord’s best interest to give the money back.  Why?  Because if they are able to return the money, it means they don’t have a lot of work to do to get the rental property to “Move In Ready Status.”

“Ok, I get the Point!” But, How Deep a Cleaning is expected by the Landlord to get My Money Back??

I am glad you asked.  The question, “What does a Clean Home Look Like?” is a common one.  Everyone has a different opinion.  At TurnClean Services, we have found that its best if everybody goes off the same checklist.  This helps to match up expectations.


Apartment Cleaning / Move Out Cleaning Checklist

Adam Eclipes 2Kitchen Cleaning


Clean and Detail Interior and Exterior

 Oven / Stove Cleaning                            
Degrease interior, “Wipe Down” Top and Front of Exterior


  1.  Empty and discard items in dishwasher
  2.  Spot Wipe any troubled Areas, especially rim of the door
  3.  Spray Cleaner inside, and let it cycle through a wash
  4.  Wipe down exterior front, and any exposed areas


Clean Interior and Exterior

Cabinets and Drawers

  1.  Clean out and trash items that have been left
  2.  Vacuum or Wipe out any dirt/hair/flour, etc..
  3.  Wipe clean any greasy spots

Wipe All Counter Tops


Bathroom Cleaning

Mirror Cleaning Cleaning Soap Scum

Sink Cleaning

  1.  Wipe out all soap scum, dirt, hair, etc.
  2.  Wipe the faucet so it shines
  3.  Wipe Counter Tops

Cabinet / Vanity Cleaning

  1.  Throw all trash away  boulder tub after 2
  2.  Clean Dirt / hair out…..
  3.  Clean inside of Cabinets and Drawers

Shower / Bathtub Cleaning

  1.  Clean Shower and Tub, clean out soap scum
  2.  If there is a glass door, make the door shine!
  3.  Make sure the shower faucets are clean.

Toilet Cleaning

Clean toilet inside and out, including the base


General DustingMove In Move Out Cleaning Roswell, GA

  1. Intake Vents
  2. Ceiling Fans
  3. Blinds
  4. Window Sills
  5. Base Boards – Dust
  6. Spider Webs
  7. Sweep Ashes out of Fire Place
  8. Doors Dust and Wipe Obvious Smudges
  9. Wipe Smudges on Light Switches.



Adam Eclipes 3Floors

  1. Vacuum / Sweep
  2. Mop Kitchen / Bathrooms / Hard Surface Floors







Would you Like for Us to Clean Your Apartment or Rental Home?


TurnClean Services cleans homes throughout Metro Atlanta.  We can help get your deposit back.

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TurnClean Services

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