5 Cleaning Products You Need and How to Use Them

What 5 Cleaning Supplies Are A Must For Your Home?

  1.  Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner.  I am a big fan of Easy Off, and in particular the Heavy Duty Version.  Its fantastic, and its a must for cleaning Dirty, Greasy Ovens.  If you have never cleaned an oven before, here is a link to a blog I did about “How to Clean an Oven”

There are other versions of Oven Cleaner.  In particular, you may be tempted to get the “Fume Free Version.”      Do Not.  While the fumes are strong, the Heavy Duty Version is superior to the “Fume Free Version.”  It does make a difference.



2.  Zep Stainless Steel Polish

If you have a kitchen with Stainless Steel appliances, Zep Stainless Steel Polish is a must!  I have tried other types of polish, and I have become a HUGE BELIEVER in Zep’s stainless steel version.

In reality, if your stainless steel appliances are new, or already in great shape, I suspect most any type of stainless steel polish will do.

But, in those cases, where you have Stains on your “Stainless Steel,” don’t freak out.  Go get the Zep Version.  It will make it shine again!  Here is a link to my “How to Clean Stainless Steel Blog”

Zep really works well on stained appliances.




Number 3 is an interesting “Cleaning Supply” because I obviously have not listed a brand name “Cleaning Product.”  There are a ton of good bleach based cleaning products out there, but the magic ingredient is the bleach.

Let’s talk about Bleach.  What should you use Bleach for?

Use Bleach to “Kill Micro-Organisms,” and basically things that occur “Naturally in Nature.”  The most obvious example that comes to mind is Mildew!  Mildew can occur anywhere!  It can form in refrigerators, on ceilings, in walls, or any other place that has moisture.  Its a nasty, ugly thing that occurs naturally in nature.


Another example of of when you should use a “Bleach Based Product” for cleaning is when there are maggots in the refrigerator!  That’s correct, maggots can get in the refrigerator!!  Nasty, Nasty, Nasty.

The “Maggot Refrigerator” typically results when the electricity to the home is shut off.  Given enough time, the meat spoils, and maggots begin to breed.  Its common to see this when doing eviction cleaning.

Bleach based products are a great way to clean them.  Just be careful.  The Bleach has a strong Fume, and it will take the color out of a fabric, carpet, and pretty much anything!  Test the spot before you use it.

4.  Zeb Soap Scum Cleaner

I mentioned “Zeb Soap Scum Cleaner” because I know its a great product, but I don’t have a strong loyalty to Zep.  In fact, the key thing that I want you to look for with this tip is…. “Does the label say that its a “Soap Scum Cleaner?”

Soap Scum is this ugly substance that forms in your shower when your soap mixes with the minerals in your water.  It produces a “Scum.”  This Scum is almost like a “Wax,” and it can be difficult to get off.


Be sure you use a good soap scum cleaner, because it is designed to clean this scum!  While I love bleach based cleaners, they are designed for “naturally occurring yucky organisms,” not scum.  You need to get the right product to get the right results.

Here is a link to an article I wrote about Soap Scum Removal.

Click Photo to Destroy Scum!

5.  Spic and Span All Purpose Cleaner

At a minimum, you must get an “All Purpose Cleaner,” and I would recommend that you get Spic-N-Span.  “All Purpose Cleaners” have a “De-Greasing Agent” in them.

This agent helps the product to “cut”through the grease.  For “solid greasy” and “really sticky” surfaces, spray Spic-N-Span on and let it sit a bit.  Give the “De-Greasing Agent” time to work.  This will make clean up easier.

The reason I love Spic and Span so much is that its inexpensive!! Don’t spend a lot of money on all the other name brand All Purpose Cleaners.  For most jobs around the home, you will be very impressed with Spic and Span!  I love it.





Adam Johnson owns TurnClean Services.  Its a Cleaning Service in Metro Atlanta.

Click to Learn How to “Deep Clean an Oven”


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